As I scroll through Instagram my feed is inundated with every blogger and influencer talking about the upcoming Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Don’t get me wrong I am a Nordstrom lover myself and have to actively stop myself from watching all of the hauls from those shopping the sale. However, I know I’m not alone in this and with all of the summer sales going on it’s easy to blow your budget or savings goals. When you add on the hype and sometimes pressure of those on the internet you end up buying things you probably don’t even need.

So, this week I wanted to share some tips on how you can financially prepare for the Nordstrom sale (or any other big sales like Prime Day). I am a big advocate for treating yourself and enjoying your money but I always encourage people to do so with their larger financial goals in mind. And trust me some of these lessons I had to learn the hard way (example the Gucci belt sitting in my closet that I have only worn three times). 

Stock up on the items that you love: and stock up does not mean you need to buy 45 of one item to prepare for your audition on Extreme Couponers. I am talking about grabbing an extra candle or two if that is your favorite scent to burn around the house. Another item popular during the sale is beauty products. I like to grab an extra sunscreen or my favorite eyebrow pencil so I have an extra one on hand since I use those items every day. 

Avoid buying items you already have. For example you probably don’t need the same shoe in four different colors. I recommend going through your closet before you shop to see what items you already have and maybe a staple or two that you would pick up if it was on sale. What is great is that all of these influencers have been talking about what will be part of the sale. Look at what they are saying BUT remember to consult with your closet and wallet before checking out. 

Plan ahead of time to treat yourself to a luxury item that is part of the sale. I typically save up throughout the year to splurge on a luxury item or two. This stops me from feeling deprived and honestly the excitement builds up for me when I know the sale is coming up and there’s something I’ve had my eye on for a while. Maybe this isn’t the year to make that kind of purchase but I encourage you to save over the next year if there’s something you see and would love to treat yourself to.

My final piece of advice is to double check your cart before you check out either virtually or instore. No pair of shoes or expensive bag is worth breaking the bank for and in turn ruining your long term financial goals.

Caroline Tanis