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The Cost of Going Back to the Office

2022 was the year of return to office and this year it seems like every company is cracking down on their in office policy. Every day I speak to clients or friends who have now all entered that back to office slump. Let’s face it, we got used to life at home. We liked being […]

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2023: The Year of a Wealthier Me

With the new year kicking off we all have a long laundry list of resolutions, changes, or goals we set for 2023. For many of us at the top of this list is to focus more on our finances. Therefore, I created the mantra 2023: The Year of a Wealthier Me (and yes feel free […]

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Happy Holidays to All…& To All a Goodnight

No matter what holiday you celebrate this time of year you can feel a sense of magic in the air. This year I find myself feeling a sense of relief as life has gotten back to its (new) normal. Holiday parties, white elephants, and family gatherings are back- in some cases whether we like it […]

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