Odds & Ends

Having Your Cake and Eating It Too

Last night, I attended an Alice in Wonderland art themed popup in New York City. Now personally, I am not a big art person, so I was apprehensive going to the event. Surprisingly, the giant space turned wonderland was well done. It was filled with wild colors, different props from scenes in the movie, and […]

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Warm Weather Spending

The sun is shining, Memorial Day is right around the corner, and we are all working to get rid of those winter blues. However, this time of the year the temperature isn’t the only thing rising. From epic outdoor escapades to beachy retreats and everything in between, summer has this magical way of luring us into […]

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Part of the 18%

18%. You are probably thinking this the amount of battery your phone has. Or the interest rate your credit card is charging you   In reality, it is the percentage of financial advisors that are women. A number that sadly hasn’t changed much over the last several years.   A study done by Wells Fargo […]

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