Odds & Ends

The Best Gift You Can Give

As we prepare to launch our estate planning division, I have had a lot of conversations with clients around the legacy that they want to leave. So often, we associate this type of planning with doom and impending death. But the conversations I am having revolve around making life easier for your loved ones. Wills […]

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Christmas in July

As of writing this we are 152 days from Christmas and 121 days away from Black Friday aka the biggest shopping day of the year. What gets me every year is that people (ok I’ll admit, including myself) completely forget about the financial side of the holiday season that is now the entire month of December. Between Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, holiday […]

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Are You Ready for the Second Half of 2023?

As I look at the calendar and see that we are barreling towards the end of July I am already lecturing myself for not getting this post out sooner. I spend a lot of time in July getting into all the details around how I am tracking towards my goals. Personal, financial, business, and even […]

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