I absolutely love birthdays, especially my own. Before you think this sounds selfish I promise you it isn’t for the presents or the cake. With my birthday falling at the end of the summer I always use this time for reflection. 

Kids are heading back to school, relaxing summer nights are few and far between, and you can feel the change of the seasons coming. I like to look back at where I was this same time last year and it always amazes me how much can change in just one year. 

This time last year I was still working at Merrill and was starting to feel that sense of uncertainty in my gut. I loved the world of financial planning but knew I wasn’t living up to my full potential and doing everything I could to best serve my clients. I was also fortunate that I had some of the most amazing clients in the world who I genuinely loved working with. Finding myself in a tough spot, the future felt uncertain.

Fast forward to this year as I look back over the last twelve months I am amazed at the changes that took place. In May I took my practice independent and was overwhelmed by the amazing reaction and support that I received from my current clients. In addition, this year I was able to fall in love with travel again and take my first two trips outside of the U.S. in over two years. 

Despite the challenges of the past year they all lead to some amazing shifts in my life. This leaves me excited and hopeful about what is in store for the coming year. I know that here at Tanis Financial Group we have some amazing events and opportunities planned. I know this was a short and sweet blog post but as much as I say it’s not about the cake I think it’s time for me to have a slice and do a little celebrating.  

Caroline Tanis