The holidays are coming and also the biggest spending weekend of the entire year. Don’t get me wrong, I have already started a list of the presents I will be picking up for myself and my loved ones. But going into this busy time there’s is so much pressure to buy more, spend more, consume more. To ground myself before this shopping frenzy begins, I took time to journal about the things I am focused on this holiday season. Are some of them things to buy and spend money on? Absolutely. But when I always want to make sure my fun funds as I call them are being spent on the things I love:

1. Books: Kindle, Amazon, Book of the Month Club, library rentals, you name it. If it is a way for me to get my hands on more books, I am always willing to spend the extra money or time. 

2.Candles: I typically have a candle burning during my work day. For me I find it creates a warm and welcoming environment. And as an added benefit I try to surround myself with fun seasonal scents. That is why all my new wealth management clients receive a candle as their welcome gift. When they light it, I hope they are reminded of the work we are doing to build their dream life and have that moment of warmth and comfort.  

3.Coffee: The thing that keeps me fueled during the day. But to me it’s more than that. I love going to local coffee shops like The Hive in Hoboken where I can support a women run business and also have a fabulous latte. Or buying bags of coffee beans from Bitty and Beau’s. A coffee shop that has grown to multiple locations focusing on hiring those with disabilities. 

4.A daily workout: I pay for both a gym and an online platform (hey ObeFitness). Why? Because the gym gives me the space and equipment I need, and the app gives me the convivence of classes when and where I want. When I take care of my health and wellness, I can show up at my best for me and my clients. Plus, in the long run I know that taking care of my health now will pay off exponentially in the long run. 

5.Facemasks: No, not that covid facemask we all remember. I’m talking about one of those sheet masks or a nice clay mask that will help reset your skin. There is nothing better than 8pm on a Sunday night. Feeling fulfilled and rested from the weekend. When I put that facemask on and light a candle, I take time to journal, read, or catchup on some TV to prepare myself for the upcoming week 

6.Travel: This is the biggest expense in my life. I love to experience new places, cultures, and food. I also found that when I take time off, I can recharge and come back stronger and more focused to do my best work for my clients. Additionally, I learn so much while traveling that in turn it makes me a better, friend, family member, and also advisor to my clients.  

7.Time with friends and family: Time might be the most expensive commodity around but when spent with the right people it has the highest return on investment. The holiday season puts so much emphasis on spending and gifts. But something that I am trying to focus on now and going into 2024 is spending quality time with those I love.   

Bonus: Giving back to others: During the pandemic all in-person volunteer opportunities were forced to shut down overnight. Over the last several months, I have been making more effort to give back and volunteer. I hate that it took me this long to get back to doing more than just donating money to my community. Don’t get me wrong, so many organizations are in desperate need of funds, but they also need volunteers on the ground, especially during the holiday season.

Caroline Tanis