Given all the buzz around interest rates and the housing market I knew that our first virtual event of the Fall season had to revolve around real estate. I am proud to announce that I will be hosting Let’s Get Real- The Future of Real Estate & Your Wealth with real estate agent Gina Michal. The event will take place virtually Thursday Oct. 13th at 8pm and you can save your spot using this link.  

 At the beginning of the pandemic families were flocking to the suburbs and buying up homes at a record pace. In addition, low interest rates and diminishing inventory caused mayhem for home buyers and sellers. Buying a home at the actual list place became unheard of. A few buyers even found themselves making an offer before ever stepping foot on the property.  

Fast forward to Spring of 2022 when inflation and changes made by the Federal Reserve led mortgage prices to jump drastically. With higher mortgage rates buyers were now seeing their estimated mortgage payments to be much higher than expected.  

So, what does all this mean for the future value of your home or the home purchase you may make? On October 13th I will be joined by Gina Michal who is an incredible real estate agent (and good friend of mine) with Sotheby’s International. She will provide us with an update and where the housing market is today and what to expect in the future.  

In addition, during this virtual event we are going to have a discussion around  

-A current update on the housing market and what the future holds  

-What the future of the housing market means for your finances 

-If you purchased during the pandemic pandemonium, what you can expect when you go to sell 

-And plenty of time for Q&A 

Don’t forget to register here for this event! 

Caroline Tanis