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3 Things to Do If You Are Worried About a Layoff 

Over the last several months the news has highlighted one company after the next that has been laying off employees. From DoorDash to Amazon to Masterclass few industries have been safe. And with more companies announcing each day many people are left wondering what they can do in order to prepare for the possibility of a […]

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My Favorite Business & Personal Development Books (So Far)

We Should All Be Millionaires Money isn’t everything, but it is absolutely important. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. -Rachel Rodgers, We Should All Be Millionaires Rachel Rodgers debut book is nothing short of perfection. In this empowering read she teaches you how to move away from making Broke Ass Decisions in all different areas […]

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Getting Your Wallet Black Friday Ready

The biggest holiday shopping day of the year is just 16 days away. This year feels a little different as so many stores are now advertising “pre-Black Friday deals”. Personally, I’ve tried to limit my early shopping because I find that when I start shopping too far in advance, I always end up spending more. […]

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