I cannot believe that we are already halfway through 2022 and also gearing up for a fun weekend of celebrating the 4th of July. For me this weekend will also be about taking a few days of relaxation and a break from the world after a heavy week. I want to spend this weekend surrounded by family and friends and be able to take a break from everything going on in the world. 

When times like these happen and we know that we need to step back I always find it important to do so while also being mindful of my bigger financial goals. As much as I would love to go on a therapeutic shopping spree I know it’ll only be a short term fix and won’t solve the problems at large. So this 4th of July how do we celebrate and take time to relax without breaking out the Benjamins? Here’s a few of my ideas and I would also love to hear yours

1. If hosting a BBQ or Party, ask others to bring items. Whenever I host I like to make sure that I’m covering the main dishes like hot dogs and hamburgers. But, I’ve learned that it’s ok to ask other people to bring things. Honestly, everyone usually asks me what I can bring. My one friend who typically has to travel the farthest has become our designated chip girl and she loves knowing exactly what to contribute. When planning the event I make a list of everything I want to have and break down what items other people could bring and how out assignments from there

2.Don’t get caught up in the 4th of July sales. I shared this on a previous blog post and I received so many comments from people saying how this was their biggest down fall and they needed the reminder. So, here I am again to remind you that you don’t need the latest model Instapot- the other two and your crockpot are already collecting dust. Pro tip: make a list of items that you would actually consider buying if they are on sale and how much you would be willing to spend on the item. If it doesn’t hit that price and you can live without it (you probably can) then keep on moving and no need to open your wallet

3.Explore one of the many free events going on. Here in New Jersey there are so many family friendly events offered from the obvious like fireworks to parades, facepainting and more. I recommend checking your local Patch website or town Facebook page to see what events are taking place

4.Explore food & craft ideas on Pintrest. Ok, I will be the first to admit that I might have a slight obsession with Pintrest. I love finding fun themed food or drinks to make even if it’s for myself. It’s also a great place to find 4th of July activities and crafts for little kids.

I want to hear yours! What are you doing to relax and unwind this 4th of July weekend

Caroline Tanis