With the new year kicking off we all have a long laundry list of resolutions, changes, or goals we set for 2023. For many of us at the top of this list is to focus more on our finances. Therefore, I created the mantra 2023: The Year of a Wealthier Me (and yes feel free to use it).

From this a 30-day challenge was born. Over on LinkedIn and Instagram (@tanisfingroup) I am sharing daily tips, pieces of inspiration, or something educational throughout January. My goal, to give you bite-size nuggets to make 2023 the year you build that dream life. 

On day 1 I kicked things off by talking all about the mindset shifts that you would need to make 2023 your best (and wealthiest) year yet. Why? Be honest with yourself, were you taken aback by reading the title of today’s article? If you said yes, we have some money mindset work to do this year. If not, congrats, you are probably one of the few! 

During the challenge we will continue to cover money mindset but also defining what wealth looks like. It doesn’t always translate to making or having more money. Define what a wealthy life looks like to you.

If you are unsure where to start here are a few questions you can ask yourself: 

When I envision my dream life who/what/where am I

-Doing? (Professionally, hobbies, activities with friends) 


-Doing to support a healthy lifestyle? (Remember health is wealth too) 

-Spending my time with? 

-Living? (Location, type of home, type of community) 

This time of year it is always great to journal and document where you are but also where you want to be at the end of 2023. During that time answer the questions above to help you define what a wealthy life looks like. 

Don’t forget that wanting to make more money, get a promotion, or save more this coming year isn’t wrong. Wanting to provide a certain type of lifestyle for yourself or your family is ok. This concept and more around money mindset will be popping up a lot in my content throughout the year. So, cheers to 2023 The Year of a Wealthier Me (& you). 

Caroline Tanis