Month: November 2022

I’m Grateful for Money

Over 400 people across different platforms collectively subscribe to this weekly article. If I had to guess at least half of you opened this because you thought “she can’t say that”. Guess what? I just did and you can too.  Money is a tool. But our society sees money as this evil thing. Just this […]

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Getting Your Wallet Black Friday Ready

The biggest holiday shopping day of the year is just 16 days away. This year feels a little different as so many stores are now advertising “pre-Black Friday deals”. Personally, I’ve tried to limit my early shopping because I find that when I start shopping too far in advance, I always end up spending more. […]

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How to Financially Prepare For 2023

We have 60 days left in 2022. During the height of Covid all I wanted to do was speed up time and now I’m begging for it to slow down. With 6o days left in the year your first thought might be that you need start holiday shopping. However, I see it as you only […]

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