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The D.R.E.A.M. Process

If you have followed my content for any amount of time you know that I frequently use phrases like “financial planning” or “build your dream”. But here at Tanis Financial Group we take our clients through a unique process to help them use financial planning to build their dream life. 

For us, the goal is to help you determine what you truly want your life to look like. Not what everyone else tells you that you either should or have to do. That’s why we built the D.R.E.A.M process. Financial Planning is more than just running some numbers and hoping that one of these days you can retire.  

Maestro queue the D.R.E.A.M. process: 

Once we gain clarity of what we want the future to look like we engage all of the different tools of financial planning to make this dream a reality. Those tools include (but of course aren’t limited to):

Investments: Are you taking on enough risk or too much? Do you have the appropriate account types open? What does your investment performance look like and do we need to make adjustments? 

Retirement planning: Are you on track to be able to retire at the age you desire? What do you want your retirement lifestyle to look like? Are you on track financially or do we need to adjust contributions? 

Insurance: What types of risk are you currently exposed to? Do you have enough coverage on your life or in case of disability? Do you have the right type of coverage for the risks you need to protect yourself from? Or maybe you prefer to self-insure? 

Education & Next Generation Planning: Do you want to pay for the kids to go to college or maybe even private school? How do you plan to fund that? Are you planning to leave an inheritance to the next generation? Or maybe even to charity? 

Estate Planning: Are your assets properly titled? Do you have a will, power of attorney, medical directives? When was the last time that was updated? Where would your loved ones find those documents? 

Asking these questions and more during our process allows us to build out actionable steps so that we can bring your dreams to life. I had a prospective client once say to me “There’s  a lot of work that goes into a financial plan why can’t I just go without one?”. Just as you wouldn’t try to drive from New York City to Los Angeles without a map you don’t want to live your life without a guide. Our D.R.E.A.M process was created to be that guide.  

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