Growing up we learned the inner workings of a cell, how to complete logarithmic equations, analyze Shakespeare but we were never taught the basic financial principles that we need once we are in the real world. This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to jumpstart your financial education. 

The course includes a digital workbook (hardcopy available for additional purchase), videos that can be accessed at any time, and six topics:

Realistic Budgeting 

Employee Benefits 


Investing 101

Digital Assets

Financial Goals 

In addition, you will be part of a community- this includes a Facebook group (famously known as The VIP Group)  and pop-up events where you can surround yourself with like minded individuals

Who is this for:  Individuals who want to work on building and understanding their finances.. *But please be warned each lesson will take work. You will have to get real with your finances, find that employee paperwork you ignored when you began your job, and start planning for the future.

Investment of $797

*this is a limited time discounted price for the first 25 students to take the course. After that the price will rise to $997