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The Best Gift You Can Give

As we prepare to launch our estate planning division, I have had a lot of conversations with clients around the legacy that they want to leave. So often, we associate this type of planning with doom and impending death. But the conversations I am having revolve around making life easier for your loved ones.

Wills are empowering. They allow you to dictate how you want your assets to be given to your loved ones or charities that you care about. You can also share your wishes for how you want the money to be used. By making these choices during your life your loved one doesn’t have to debate about what should be done with your estate. 

Medical directives are another document I always encourage my clients to consider. A medical directive details what type of medical care you do and don’t want should you be unable to make these decisions for yourself. I hope that during your life you never need this. Yep, you read that correctly. But this relieves so much pressure and stress from your family. If you were to be incapacitated and unable to make medical decisions emotions are already going to be flying high. The best gift that you can give those closest to you is to make those decisions ahead of time. 

Estate planning is essential to any good financial plan. To make things easier for our clients we are excited to announce that our estate planning division is launching this month. Through our office and a team of vetted lawyers, we can complete wills, power of attorney documents, medical directives, and living wills. Our goal in adding this service is to make sure that we can help clients fully protect their finances and sleep at night knowing that this is taken care of. End of life is a difficult topic to discuss. But, with the proper planning and conversations we know that it can be the best gift that you can give your loved ones.  

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