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I’m Grateful for Money

Over 400 people across different platforms collectively subscribe to this weekly article. If I had to guess at least half of you opened this because you thought “she can’t say that”. Guess what? I just did and you can too. 

Money is a tool. But our society sees money as this evil thing. Just this week we saw FTX file for bankruptcy causing their users to also lose their money. We know the stories of people like Bernie Madoff who built a Ponzi scheme stealing money from average people. What these people did was undeniably wrong and illegal. What we don’t highlight enough is all the incredible things that money can allow us to do. 

This time of year, especially people will increase their donations to charity. These monetary donations allow homeless shelters to buy warm clothing or food for those less fortunate. A $20 bill can allow us to go to Target and purchase a gift for Toys for Tots. Or having stable incomes allows us to provide for our families while also taking time to volunteer at different charities to do things like serve Thanksgiving dinner to those who would otherwise go without. 

Personally, money allows me to travel during the holidays to spend time with friends and family. It allows me to buy books that I can curl up with on a cold night, thankful that I have warm blankets and roof over my head. During this season I can use funds to buy gifts to support local small businesses.  

So, this year, I am grateful for money and all that it allows me to do. Sadly, there will always be people who use money in unhealthy or even illegal ways. However, as author Rachel Rodgers says, “Money in the hands of the right people do the right things”. Every day you have the choice to make more money and use it for good. 

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