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How Are You Celebrating the Wins?

I’ll be the first one to admit I am guilty of not celebrating my wins enough. This is something I’m really trying to work on during 2023. It becomes so easy when we get into the routine of our daily schedule and just trying to go through the motions. We go from one activity to the next and we forget how many hours we put into this the planning the preparation or the skill behind whatever it was we were trying to achieve. 

So, I turn the question over to you, how are you celebrating your wins? Not just only how are you celebrating, but how often are you celebrating are you celebrating along the journey. Are you celebrating the little moments and milestones rather than just waiting until you reach that end goal? 

I’m not saying it must be an over the top party, but there are many great ways to celebrate even in the smallest wins. For some of us it’s the fact that the kids got out the door and to school on time. For others of us it’s that we made it into the office and picked up our dry cleaning this morning to make sure we had on a fresh suit. No matter what it is or no matter how small we need to take the pause and acknowledge it. 

Here is something I want to take a moment to celebrate. Over the past 30 days on Instagram and at some points LinkedIn we were doing our 30 Days to a Wealthier Me Challenge. During this time, it’s been incredible reading the comments and the messages that I’ve been receiving. Even the smallest habits that people have put into their daily routines or ways that they are changing their relationship with money. I encourage you if you were one of our participants, whether a part of all 30 days or just one or two, to celebrate the changes and winds you had during this time.  

To celebrate the conclusion of our 30 day challenge I am making myself an incredible cup of coffee and sitting down to journal. Giving myself this time and space alone is such a celebration of a win. I want to use this time to reflect and sit back and think about how much has happened during these 30 days alone. Whether it’s the challenge, my business, or personal life. This will help me to keep the momentum and energy going throughout the rest of 2023. 

What happens when we don’t celebrate is that we get discouraged and we start to wonder why are we working so hard or pushing ourselves. Celebrating along the journey and at the end when we have reached the goal only makes the victory sweeter. So, I encourage you as we jump in February, take some time to plan out how you can celebrate your wins throughout the journey.

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