As I look at the calendar and see that we are barreling towards the end of July I am already lecturing myself for not getting this post out sooner. I spend a lot of time in July getting into all the details around how I am tracking towards my goals. Personal, financial, business, and even going through and checking on how my clients are progressing towards their goals.  

This is a process and routine that I have done for years now and as I was going through it this year it felt like I was overdue to share all the details. Hey- we don’t like the gatekeep information around here.  

Personally, I like to take a look at the financials first. Money is merely a tool and one that I use to fund all of my big dreams. If things aren’t tracking on the financial end, I may need to change the goals that I have. Or, I need to make changes to increase savings/ investments so that I can still achieve my goals during the timeline I had set.  

When it comes to my personal goals the biggest question, I ask myself is, “Am I still aligned with this goal?”. Even during a short period of time like six months you may have a change in priorities. Know going into this mid-year check-in that it’s ok and I actually suggest that you make changes.  

On the business side of things, I look at where we are tracking financially and what big projects we plan to take on during the rest of the year. Because August is typically a quieter month with clients being away, I use this time to map out those projects. Looking at this information weeks (or in some cases months) ahead allows me to prepare mentally and financially.  

The last area of focus is checking in on my clients and how they are tracking towards their goals. My job is to make sure they’re financially tracking to make their dreams a reality. Any major red flags I schedule a meeting with the client so we can discuss where we are and what changes we need to make. During this conversation we are also checking in to make sure that these goals are still their main focus- like I mentioned before things will and should change.  

I encourage you to use the last few weeks of July to make some time to do your own mid-year check-in. It can feel overwhelming at first, but I always aim to make sure I set up a relaxing environment for myself. So, grab a cup of coffee, light a candle, open your computer, take a deep breath, and begin your own mid-year check-in.  

Caroline Tanis