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4 Ways to Invest in Yourself This July

Even just sitting down to write this, I am amazed that we already have reached July and summer is officially here. Kids are off from school and headed to camp, we’ve all given up and turned on the central air, and most of us are counting down the days until we each take our coveted week of summer vacation.  

But with all of the busyness that comes with the school year we often forget to take a moment for ourselves. I know I don’t. Every weekend, September through June is always jam packed between social events, work trips, and don’t forget all the holidays. With summer finally here, I want to take time to invest in myself and wanted to share a few ways that you can do the same.  

1. Reading: I think by now everyone knows that I am the BIGGEST book nerd ever. During the summer I kick my reading into high gear with a mix of fiction and non-fiction. (Spoiler: keep an eye out for next week’s post sharing some of my favorite reads) 

2.Take a break: We spend so much time using technology for work and staying connected to others. An amazing way to give back to yourself is to take a freaking break. Put the phone down, turn off the computer and spend some time really being present. (Trust me I get it this one is so much easier said than done.) 

I put this one on here to also remind myself that this is important. We get so excited during the summer with all the fun activities we can do. But going to all the BBQs, family outings, and one trip after the next can become exhausting. I was talking to a friend the other day about our summer schedules and how rather than seeing them as exciting refreshing they were just exhausting. During this season I encourage both you- and remind myself- to enjoy it and take a few breaks.  

3.Self-care: What is your favorite form of self-care? For me, it’s a couple things. When I need a quick morning reset, I love to grab a coffee and take leisurely walk through town. On days when I need a full break from life and work, I head down to the Jersey Shore with a good book and try to take some time to fully unplug.  

Make sure you pick YOUR favorite form of selfcare. That might mean taking a walk with family or grabbing ice cream one night after dinner. Maybe it means  

4.Complete our Money Story Workbook: During the first half of July, we are launching our first ever workbook. One of the common themes that comes up during my meetings with clients is the way that they grew up learning or hearing about money from their parents. What we often don’t realize is those phrases or habits we saw from family, friends, or even economic conditions at the time have a major impact on how we view money as adults.

I created this workbook to give more people a safe space and a guided way to unpack their money story. My team and I are putting the final touches on everything and are thrilled for this tool to help so many people understand and become more conscious of their money story.  

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