Month: February 2023

Mortgages & Debt: 2008 v. 2023

Whenever you hear the term recession you may instantly have flashbacks to 2008. How could it not? It’s the most recent recession in our history. One that had a lasting impact on so many people and had ripple effects throughout the world. The 2008 recession got its name as the housing crisis for a reason. […]

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The Biggest Lesson from the Super Bowl

Sunday night we celebrated the biggest American holiday of the year. No, not Thanksgiving. I’m talking about the Super Bowl. The event that draws even non-football fans in with entertaining commercials and most importantly, snacks. But, this year’s Super Bowl felt different in a powerful way. The message of the entire affair was focused on empowerment […]

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Preparing for the 2022 Tax Season

Tax Season. You are either scrambling to close out your browser to avoid reading about this topic or your blood pressure just spiked. Whether we like it or not those tax forms have started to arrive in our mail and email boxes. But tax season doesn’t have to be this hard doom and gloom event […]

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